“A Boring Day In Hell” delves into the realm of self-love through an experimental love story. The protagonist finds herself contemplating the outfit she wore on the day she ended her lover’s life. Meanwhile, a group of women, each having faced a similar tragedy, gather to prepare for a seated dinner. This shared experience creates a powerful bond among them. As the protagonist recalls the importance of her attire that pivotal day, she realizes that, for her, it was the sole path to rediscovering unconditional self-love.


Girls – Denise Bassahan, Lisette Mantano, Annejet Paalman, Marine Tagawa, Heavenly Dennen, Joke de Grote, Joosje Duk, Josephine de Vries, Natalia Lorenzo
Boys – Owen Welch, Joost Koster, Tommy Noordermeer

Director – Ayla Spaans
DOP – Zeeger Verschuren
Steadycam – Julian Lomoga
1st AC – Rohwel de Rot
2nd AC – Nico de Voogd
1st AD & production – Yanna Panagopoulos
Production assistent – Minou Hiemstra
Product Designer – Daylene Kroon
Art assistent – Nina van Haren & Tristan Kingdon
Costume designer – Veerle Calkoen
Costume designer assistent – Merel Calkoen
Gaffer – Glenn Bruijntjes
Best-Boy – Aaron Homma
Light assistent – Claudio Zaia, Wessel Verster, Nino Kennis, Stern Noordsiek
Muah – Marine Dogliano
Nails – Jessica Varkevisser
Catering – Katie Varkevisser
Music & Sound design- Jason Malan
Voice over – Alice Phoebe Lou
Logo – Asaf Mendelovich
Edit – Ayla Spaans
Grading – Ruben Labree
Location – Diner thuis by Annejet Paalman
Special thanks: EYE-D, Mick Keus, Vintage Island, Zusjes Vintage Boetiek