A Boring Day In Hell is an experimental love story about self-love. A woman is wondering what she was wearing on the day that she killed her lover. She goes through her memory during a gathering of women who are preparing themselves for a seated dinner. These women have one thing in common; they all killed their lovers. After realising what she wore on that day, she explains that killing her lover was the only way to feel unconditional love for herself again.


Director – Ayla Spaans
DOP – Zeeger Verschuren
Steadycam – Julian Lomoga
1st AC – Rohwel de Rot
2nd AC – Nico de Voogd
1st AD & production – Yanna Panagopoulos
Production assistent – Minou Hiemstra
Product Designer – Daylene Kroon
Art assistent – Nina van Haren & Tristan Kingdon
Costume designer – Veerle Calkoen
Costume designer assistent – Merel Calkoen
Gaffer – Glenn Bruijntjes
Best-Boy – Aaron Homma
Light assistent – Claudio Zaia, Wessel Verster, Nino Kennis, Stern Noordsiek
Muah – Marine Dogliano
Nails – Jessica Varkevisser
Catering – Katie Varkevisser
Music & Sound design- Jason Malan
Voice over – Alice Phoebe Lou
Logo – Asaf Mendelovich
Edit – Ayla Spaans
Grading – Ruben Labree
Location – Diner thuis by Annejet Paalman
Special thanks: EYE-D, Mick Keus, Vintage Island, Zusjes Vintage Boetiek

Girls – Denise Bassahan, Lisette Mantano, Annejet Paalman, Marine Tagawa, Heavenly Dennen, Joke de Grote, Joosje Duk, Josephine de Vries, Natalia Lorenzo
Boys – Owen Welch, Joost Koster, Tommy Noordermeer