Pourri (2022)

The collaboration between Poo-Pourri and the Ghetto Funk Collective is an ingenious blend of bathroom humor and funky beats. This campaign highlights Poo-Pourri’s range of products, including Poo-Pourri, Home-Pourri, Soul-Pourri, and deodorant, in an entertaining and memorable way.

In the campaign, as soon as members of the Ghetto Funk Collective catch a whiff of an unpleasant odor, they experience a comical “freeze” or “lock” moment, halting their energetic dance moves. However, once Poo-Pourri products are used, the issue is swiftly resolved, and the Collective bursts back into motion with renewed vigor. This playful narrative brilliantly demonstrates how Poo-Pourri’s range effectively tackles unwanted odors, allowing everyone to get back to the groove without missing a beat. It’s a creative and effective way to showcase the power of these products in an amusing and engaging manner.

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