“Rakhi and Peppe: A Bicultural Comedy Series Full of Girl Power”
A comedic, colorful, bicultural series bursting with girl power, following two best friends who are straddling the line between childhood and sprinting towards adolescence.

The series teeters on the edge between fantasy and reality, aligning with the imaginative world of two teenage girls. The story was developed out of personal need by director Ayla Spaans and writer Zainab Goelaman.

Hindustani Rakhi (12 years old) prefers to hold onto her childhood for as long as possible, but it’s quite challenging with a hardworking mother, less mobile father, dominant brother, and three busy sisters. Fortunately, she can be her playful self with Dutch girl Peppe (11 years old). Peppe, on the other hand, can’t wait to become an adult woman and often portrays herself as tougher than she is. She gets along quite well with her single father, but in her quest for identity, she feels the absence of a mother figure to look up to.

Rakhi and Peppe are caught off guard by hormonal changes and complex emotions, leading them to experience all sorts of absurd adventures. This journey helps them learn to be honest with themselves and each other, and to stand up for themselves. At times, their friendship may be strained, but they always find their way back to each other.

Rakhi – Shirin Sital
Peppe – Carmen Sobczyk Kasperek
Rahul – Rohan Sukhraj
Hoofdpijn – Famke Evers
Vince – Ron van den Hoogenband
Bharat – Raj Mohan
Khushi – Cheryl Asruf
Eben – Noah de Nooij
Christina – Jessica Antonietti Diaz
Levi – Jules Avery
Zusjes  Rakhi – Tara Chauthi
Aryana Ramdihal
Alyssa Ramdihal
Hondje – Loulou

Regie – Ayla Spaans
Scenario – Zainab Goelaman
Co-scenarist – Ayla Spaans

Productiebedrijf – Nuts & Bolts Film Company
Producenten – Marijn Wigman
Uitvoerend producent  – Céline Smelt
Productieleider – Antoinette Kasten
Assistent productieleider – Susanne Stoof, Sophie Rijkenberg
Productie assistenten – Els van Gemert, Nura Babol

Director of photography – Tobias Smeets
Focuspuller – Daan Hettinga
Gaffer – Christian van Marle
Bestboy – Joep Fransen
Geluid – Richard Wilder, Bram van Kaauwen, Marcel de Hoogd
Assistent geluid – Remo Kuhlmann
Datahandler – Luna Soppe, Silke van der Brug

Hoofd styling – Indiana Roma Voss
Styling – Luna Michel
Assistent styling – Sterre Lee Broek
Muah – Alejandro Blijd
Choreograaf – Celinne Bodinger

Production Designer – Louana Tummers
Art director – Iri Pauwels
Set dressers – Floor van der Krol, Melissa Kooijmans
Grafisch vormgever – Iri Pauwels
Vormgever – Em Botden

1ST AD – Yanna Panagopoulos, Gregory Schurink
Regie assistent / spelcoach  – Ayisha Siddiqi
Regie stagiair – Natalia Boorsma

Editor – Richelle van Loon
Componist – Jason Malan
Sound design  – Mari Koning, Joshua Petit
Colorist – Roman Strijbos
Stem tampon – Roman Strijbos
Compositor – Becanti Wijnbergh
Logo & poster ontwerp – Jana Blom, Caitlin Berner
Setmanager – Diëgo Nurse
Catering – Asma Siddiqi, Tas Hussaim
Kindercasting – Madelief Blanken
Kinderbegeleiding – Lichelle van Zijl, Tsilla Voet, Chaja van Emde Boas
Casting – Marina Wijn, Yassine Merzaq
Casting figuratie – Britt van der Gaag, Lara de Vlieger, Chaja van Emde Boas

Additional crew
Yorick Leusink, Tobias van Daal, Mick Durlacher, David Vis, Max Houtman, Jelle Bokelmann, Mark Groen, Haroune Daoud, Ahmed Amoudi, Judith Siemons, Camelia de Ridder, Georgia Heinze, Tara Iljazovic, Fie Boelen, Yordi Werkzam, Suus van Kampen

Met dank aan Daylene Kroon, Ricardo is Hard, Perla Vita Beerends, Join The Pipe, Gemeente Almere, Gemeente Purmerend, Alle locatiehouders, Alle figuranten

Eindredactie NTR Marina Blok
Dramaturgie NTR Marnieke Klarus & Sandra Beerends
Productie Coördinator NTR Marnieke Klarus
Scenario coach – Willem Bosch
Producer NTR Yvonne Vetter